Sherm Stick, what is it?

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Sherm Stick is a new drug which appears to be the rounds lately.

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Urban Dictionary definition: Sherm Stick is a joint which has been dipped in "Embalming fluid". Most people call it Embalming fluid, but in truth, the PCP, which is something else. When smoked it produces hallucinogenic high, a lot of time where you lose control of yourself. Smoking a Sherm Stick will allow you to very retarded for several hours. Gross!

Sherm cigarette is scarce in formaldahyde? Come on people, that this chemical used to preserve dead. Sherm stick you can run ten dollars in the cigarette in Los Angeles. Please do not ever, ever smoke that Sherm stick.

According to wiki, in medicine and pharmaceutics PCP is defined as:
• basic medical care - PCP, a doctor who acts as first point of consultation for patients
• Primary care paramedic - PCP
• Phencyclidine - PCP, recreational drug known to a number of street names including angel dust, Supergrass, Killer Weed, Sherm, Embalming fluid, and rocket fuel
• Pneumocystis pneumonia - PCP (formerly known as Pneumocystis carinii pneumonia)
• Post-coital pill - PCP, form of contraception

Ed Hardy Dresses - For Girls Who Rock

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Ed Hardy dresses are part of a relatively new clothing line that is designed with a rock edge in mind. The designs for Ed Hardy come from the tattoo artwork of Don Ed Hardy, a well known tattoo artist who turned his tattoo designs into actual, frame-able artwork. One of the more popular pieces of the Ed Hardy line are the Ed Hardy dresses.

Don Ed Hardy received a degree in printmaking, and used this knowledge to turn his tattoo artwork into an international pop-culture work. This work managed to catch the eye of a company; this company approached Don Ed Hardy, as they wanted to turn his art designs into a clothing brand. This began the Ed Hardy clothing line, which features nearly everything anyone could need in their wardrobe.

The design and style of Ed Hardy in general stems from the basis of Don Ed Hardy's work. Hardy's creations feature a Japanese influence, which led to bright colors and bold patterns. Bring the bold colors and patterns to the clothing line created a new and fresh approach to clothing. This design aesthetic also brought a hard, rock type edge to the line.

If you are not into bold colors and loud patterns, you may not be into Ed Hardy Design. Ed Hardy dresses match the overall feel of the brand. Many people are surprised when they see Ed Hardy dresses; they do not expect the loud patterns and bold colors to translate onto a dress. They do not expect dresses that feature big, loud prints, and do not expect loud and daring patterns that feature different aspects of Don Ed Hardy's tattoo art. The style of the Ed Hardy dresses is very in your face. Those who are looking to add a rock type edge to their wardrobe will have found a perfect match in these dresses.

Ed Hardy dresses seem to be somewhat of an oxymoron for many people who hear of them. They cannot believe that dresses can feature the designs of Don Ed Hardy, or the hard, edgy style of the Ed Hardy Brand. While these dresses may not fit the attire of a black tie event, they are certain great pieces for those who wish to have a night out on the town, or those who simply want a day type dress for their trips to the mall. These dresses add a unique flair to any wardrobe.

At first, people were skeptical about Don Ed Hardy's tattoo art design crossing over into the fashion world. The Ed Hardy brand has made a splash, especially with its bold and edgy dresses. Many people had a hard time imagining the bold designs, prints, and patterns on a dress. This boldness is what makes the Ed Hardy dresses unique and interesting, however, as they have created a new niche in the dress market.

Wholesale Ed Hardy

Wholesale Ed Hardy, as we all know, is based on the creations of the world renowned tattoo artist Don Ed Hardy. When the fashion line, which was synonymous to the likes of Sylvester Stallone, Britney Spears, Alicia Keys, Madonna, Paris Hilton, managed to kick start a whole new genre of clothing apparel, the concept of Wholesale Ed Hardy came into picture.

Why Wholesale Ed Hardy? Well, this question is bound to strike the minds of all individuals. After all, if a brand is doing so well and is being endorsed by the likes of top celebrities, why should it be shelved at a price well blow its dignity. Wholesale Ed Hardy, it seems, is now more interested in reaching the masses, and for doing so, it needs to cut cost and make their products available at a price which suits the pockets of most, if not all.

Most of the designs featured in Ed Hardy line of apparel, are based on the great mid-twentieth century American tradition. They range from badges, animals, tokens of love, reminders of mortality (skulls, etc.), decorative floral motifs, through humor and cartoons.

Ed hardy Line of clothing diversified into its wholesale chain for the very reason that its traditional brick and motor outlets had failed to satisfy the overwhelming sea of humanity, who were hell bent on being a part of the fashion brigade. So, in order to live up to the consumer's expectations, not only did they set up Wholesale Ed Hardy, the clothing line also made their products available online through numerous secured sites.

For those of you who are looking for clothing apparels which showcase the fine art of tattoo making on canvas, Wholesale Ed Hardy would undoubtedly be the most suitable choice. Not only would you be able to get what you want, you might get it at a price which is conducive to your stringent budget.

Ed Hardy Dresses - Tattoo Designs and in Your Face Style

When people hear of Ed Hardy, the first thing that they think about is the tattoo. Ed Hardy's art designs did not start as clothing; his designs started as tattoos, and art that mimicked the style of tattoo. Ed Hardy's dresses are one of the many lines in Ed Hardy's clothing empire.

Don Ed Hardy, who received a degree in printmaking, started out as a tattoo artist. After he started, he realized that his tattoo designs could easily double as art. In 2002, Don Ed Hardy was approached by a company who wanted to turn his tattoo art designs into a clothing brand. With that approach, Ed Hardy began his foray into the clothing world.

Ed Hardy's designs are different and interesting. While his Japanese influenced tattoo art designs are well known, putting them onto clothing bring a new experience. Ed Hardy design is new and interesting; the design is a hard edge that many would compare with a rock type edge. The designs and prints are anything but usual, which is the general theme behind Hardy's design and line.

The colors of the tattoo art of Ed Hardy's designs seem to match the general colors of the tattoo art. The colors range from dull to bright; pastel colors will mix and match with bright, vibrant colors to make interesting patterns. The patterns are random; some of the Ed Hardy Dresses will feature large prints, while other Ed Hardy dresses feature multiple, smaller prints. Ed Hardy dresses have a style that is loud and in your face. This loud style is found on all aspects of Ed Hardy clothing; many dresses on the market today are not as loud and "rock" as Ed Hardy dresses.

When people see Ed Hardy dresses, they may not see where they fit in with their own personal style. Ed Hardy dresses are generally not dresses that you would wear to any type of black tie affair; the Ed Hardy dresses are perfect for those who want a day dress, or those who want the perfect dress to go to a bar or a club. The best occasions for Ed Hardy dresses are the occasions that you want to stick out at; the dresses are unique and interesting, and will catch the attention of everyone in the room. If you have a rock type edge, these dresses are perfect.

Don Ed Hardy's tattoo art inspired designs have had great success in the fashion world. The designs are new and interesting. Ed Hardy dresses are some of the most unique dresses on the market today. If you are looking for a dress that has an interesting design, these are the best dresses to choose. Ed Hardy dresses have a rock edge that is unmatched. If you are not afraid to wear bright colors and bold designs, you will love Ed Hardy dresses.

Ed Hardy Inks the Trend

Ed Hardy caps are just one of a long list of items available from the Ed Hardy clothing line. The inspiration for the caps and clothing came from the "King of Jeans," Christian Audigier and his belief that the work of the "Godfather of Modern Tattoo," Don Ed Hardy would be able to be marketed and sold as a clothing line. The line has been successful for several years, but the Ed Hardy cap, made from the basic trucker cap, is the biggest innovation and biggest surprise of the Ed Hardy clothing line, which has helped to make it a name that is remembered and sought after by many.

Ed Hardy caps are modeled after the original design of the true trucker cap. The front cloth panel is illustrated with Don Ed Hardy's signature designs, while the back of the it is plastic mesh. Plus all of the caps carry the Ed Hardy logo on the brim.

The Ed Hardy cap is not the dirty work hat that you see truckers and farmers using to keep sweat from the eyes. It is a far cry from what most people believe. Christian Audigier has taken caps to a new level of fashion. The Ed Hardy caps are available in basic designs, rhinestone designs, specialty designs, and even a kids line.

An Ed Hardy basic trucker cap is embroidered with the original artwork of Don Ed Hardy. His designs are a fusion of western and eastern motifs, symbols, and figures. Tattoo flash such as skulls and flowers are used, as well as eastern animals and geisha and Asian scenes.

The Ed Hardy rhinestone cap has rhinestones to accentuate the design imprinted on the cap. The rhinestones used are intricately placed on the hat to make it stand out. Large rhinestones are used sparingly but make the hat shine. Smaller rhinestones are used more often to make the cap shimmer when worn. Each Ed Hardy cap is uniquely its own.

The Ed Hardy specialty cap is also embroidered; however the designs often flow over onto the brim of the cap. The caps may also be embossed with chains, studs and an occasional rhinestone. The Ed Hardy specialty cap is a unique Don Ed Hardy creation and is simply flawless.

Many celebrities are sporting Ed hardy caps on a daily basis. Celebrities such as Miley Cyrus, Brittney Spears and the Jonas Brothers are all wearing the Ed Hardy line. The Ed Hardy cap is truly the original trucker hat, but with a touch of rough glamour and chic style that only the collaboration of Christian Audigier and Don Ed Hardy can create.

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