Ed Hardy Inks the Trend

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Ed Hardy caps are just one of a long list of items available from the Ed Hardy clothing line. The inspiration for the caps and clothing came from the "King of Jeans," Christian Audigier and his belief that the work of the "Godfather of Modern Tattoo," Don Ed Hardy would be able to be marketed and sold as a clothing line. The line has been successful for several years, but the Ed Hardy cap, made from the basic trucker cap, is the biggest innovation and biggest surprise of the Ed Hardy clothing line, which has helped to make it a name that is remembered and sought after by many.

Ed Hardy caps are modeled after the original design of the true trucker cap. The front cloth panel is illustrated with Don Ed Hardy's signature designs, while the back of the it is plastic mesh. Plus all of the caps carry the Ed Hardy logo on the brim.

The Ed Hardy cap is not the dirty work hat that you see truckers and farmers using to keep sweat from the eyes. It is a far cry from what most people believe. Christian Audigier has taken caps to a new level of fashion. The Ed Hardy caps are available in basic designs, rhinestone designs, specialty designs, and even a kids line.

An Ed Hardy basic trucker cap is embroidered with the original artwork of Don Ed Hardy. His designs are a fusion of western and eastern motifs, symbols, and figures. Tattoo flash such as skulls and flowers are used, as well as eastern animals and geisha and Asian scenes.

The Ed Hardy rhinestone cap has rhinestones to accentuate the design imprinted on the cap. The rhinestones used are intricately placed on the hat to make it stand out. Large rhinestones are used sparingly but make the hat shine. Smaller rhinestones are used more often to make the cap shimmer when worn. Each Ed Hardy cap is uniquely its own.

The Ed Hardy specialty cap is also embroidered; however the designs often flow over onto the brim of the cap. The caps may also be embossed with chains, studs and an occasional rhinestone. The Ed Hardy specialty cap is a unique Don Ed Hardy creation and is simply flawless.

Many celebrities are sporting Ed hardy caps on a daily basis. Celebrities such as Miley Cyrus, Brittney Spears and the Jonas Brothers are all wearing the Ed Hardy line. The Ed Hardy cap is truly the original trucker hat, but with a touch of rough glamour and chic style that only the collaboration of Christian Audigier and Don Ed Hardy can create.


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