Sherm Stick, what is it?

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Sherm Stick is a new drug which appears to be the rounds lately.

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Urban Dictionary definition: Sherm Stick is a joint which has been dipped in "Embalming fluid". Most people call it Embalming fluid, but in truth, the PCP, which is something else. When smoked it produces hallucinogenic high, a lot of time where you lose control of yourself. Smoking a Sherm Stick will allow you to very retarded for several hours. Gross!

Sherm cigarette is scarce in formaldahyde? Come on people, that this chemical used to preserve dead. Sherm stick you can run ten dollars in the cigarette in Los Angeles. Please do not ever, ever smoke that Sherm stick.

According to wiki, in medicine and pharmaceutics PCP is defined as:
• basic medical care - PCP, a doctor who acts as first point of consultation for patients
• Primary care paramedic - PCP
• Phencyclidine - PCP, recreational drug known to a number of street names including angel dust, Supergrass, Killer Weed, Sherm, Embalming fluid, and rocket fuel
• Pneumocystis pneumonia - PCP (formerly known as Pneumocystis carinii pneumonia)
• Post-coital pill - PCP, form of contraception


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