The Best of Nokia Mobile Sets

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Above are some details of the gadget that everyone knows the X6 Nokia.
There are many wonderful qualities which are the unique features of this mobile unit, a 5-megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss optics and dual LED flash, which makes even the darkest of images can be considered includes lively with Magic Nokia X6. Other standard features of autofocus with the new geo-tagging function is also included in the game Nokia X6.

Geo-tagging of photos and enables them named after the geographical location, it increases in the mobile phone by a S60 operating system were captured and marked adorned with software such as Microsoft document reader will allow its users to help them in their professional lives.

Nokia X6 is a smartphone that recognizes finger gestures to zoom in and out on the screen with images, emails, documents, websites and more, with the simple plays or pinch fingers. The most natural thing in the accounts to the window so that the mere fact of a pseudo-pinch, through the windows of their other normal or reduced Zoom-Zoom.

The right side of the Nokia X6 buttons that perform the business of the volume control, the trigger and slide the lock switch concerned. To manage the links to favorite sites, applications and other files to Pictures, Movies and more, is a touch button in the upper right corner of the screen, with a work provided a light touch of fingers.

But the game interface X6 Nokia has some limitations, although some items can be managed with the touch of a finger, there are others who must use the other options. However, these drawbacks are ignored because the mobile phone Compact and absolute solutions for communication and connectivity.

The processor enables Nokia Series X6 hat-performance applications and networks seamlessly and without interruption. Built-in memory of the mobile unit has up to 32 GB and can be further improved if the users want with the help of external memory cards. This is a moving body, which was developed, taking into account the futuristic and market trends.


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